Whether you are visiting Tangier on a day trip from Gibraltar or Tarifa or it is part of your Morocco itinerary, it is worth a day or two of your time.

My expectations weren’t high when I visited Tangier, as I had heard that it wasn’t very interesting. And also, that it was chaotic and possibly dangerous.

So, I was very pleasantly surprised when I finally got there and found this to be untrue!

The medina is really pretty and colourful, the locals just as nice as in any other Moroccan city and harassment by shop owners actually less than in Marrakech and Fes.

Check out this itinerary for your perfect route in the north of Morocco.

Wondering what to see in Tangier?

Also, the city is a really cool mix of international influences, mainly Spanish, with interesting architecture found all over the city. There are so many things to do in Tangier, if you have the time you should plan to stay a couple of days at least to fully experience the city.

The Moroccans pronounce it “tanja”, and in my opinion the city belongs on any northern Moroccan itinerary. To help you plan your visit I have put together this list of the best things to see in Tangier, and it is easily possible to see it all in one day.

So, here are the 7 best things to do in Tangier, Morocco:

Get lost in the Medina

Just like in any other Moroccan city, the medina is worth a visit. The medina of Tangier is very colourful, you can find everything from yellow to pink to green on the bottom part of the houses.

Houses painted yellow, blue, pink and white in the medina of Tangier, Morocco. One of the best things to do in Tangier is getting lost walking around the medina
The very colourful medina of Tangier

It might be easy to get lost, but don’t worry, the medina is not big enough for that to actually be a problem. Just follow your nose and explore this area. Look out for a small doorway in the north east corner of the medina leading out onto a terrace. This is part of the cities old fortifications and lined with old cannons.

From here you get the best views over the port, the new port mosque and the Strait of Gibraltar. If the weather plays along, you can see all the way to Spain from here and maybe discern the white villages along the coast.

Cannons on city wall pointed at the sea towards Spain. Spain visible on horizon. Tangier, Morocco
You can see Spain on the horizon

A very pretty street is the main road connecting the Grand Socco with the Grand Mosque of Tangier, the Rue Siaghine. Halfway along, stop for a coffee at the Petit Socco. Make sure to look up while walking along, as the buildings almost all feature cute little balconies and sometimes other decorations.

Visit the Kasbah

It is a little tricky to find out from the maps where the kasbah starts and ends, as it is part of the medina. Head uphill to the north and west until you hit the strong fortified walls. That means you found it. Here the alleys seem even narrower and it can feel like you are just walking in circles.

Typical Moroccan door

Visit the Kasbah Museum for an interesting collection of artifacts and enjoy a tea, or coffee, in one of the cafés around the square in front of it.

Pay respects at the tomb of Ibn Battuta

Have you ever heard of Ibn Battuta? He was pretty much the Marco Polo of the Islamic world. He was born in Tangier at the beginning of the 14th century and over the course of his life travelled all the way to China and back as well as through parts of east and west Africa. His accounts were written down by a famous writer of the time, but kind of got lost for a few centuries. These days he is a famous figure in the Islamic world and his tomb is here in Tangier.

Inscription on tomb of Ibn Battuta, things to do in Tangier, pay respect to one of the greatest travellers of all time
The tomb of Ibn Battuta in the medina

It is a bit hidden in the western part of the medina and rather unimposing. But I think it is a great place to pay respect to one of the greatest travellers of all times. There is a marker for it in the maps.me app, which I generally recommend downloading before visiting Morocco. It is much more accurate than Google maps, especially within the medinas.

Go shopping in the souk

The souks, or markets of Tangier are a pleasure to the eyes, but might be a insult to the nose. You can find everything from fruit to fish to meat and of course any kind of souvenir. The main food market is right off the Bab al Fahs, where you entre the medina from the Grand Socco, the main square of Tangier. It is worth a look and if you like fresh fish I recommend visiting the fish market and picking up some fish for lunch.

People watching in the main square

The Grand Socco, the main square of Tangier is an awesome place for some people watching. You can grab a tajine for lunch in one of the restaurants lining the eastern part of the square and watch the locals go about their business.

Check out the Cinema Rif, and if you’re up to it, go catch a movie. They show mostly arthouse films, so if you’re lucky, they might show something in English with subtitles.

City square with grass, fountain with people sitting around it, palm trees, surrounded by white houses. Grand Socco in Tangier
Grand Socco

In the late afternoons and evenings a lot of the locals come to hang out here, so it can get really busy if the weather is nice.

Visit St Andrew’s church

Just up the street from the Grand Socco you can find St. Andrew’s church. It is a rather small church in a wonderfully overgrown church yard hosting old graves of former, mostly English, inhabitants of Tangier.

white church with moroccan style decoration, church tower looks like minaret, St. Andrew church in Tangier Morocco
Church of St. Andrew

The interior is a really interesting mix of Anglican and Moroccan architecture and design elements.

Take a trip to the Hercules grotto

The Hercules cave, or Hercules grotto, might be one of the best-known Tangier attractions, but is actually located a few kilometres west of the city. These days it is easy to visit, as the path down into the cave is paved, making it safe to explore in any weather.

The grotto’s entrance from the seaside looks like an inverted cut out of Africa and it is a very popular photo motif.

Cave with view of the sea in shape of inversed Africa, Hercules Grotto in Tangier Morocco
Hercules grotto

If you take the road closest to the coast, make sure to turn off to visit Cap Spartel on the way. It is the point where the Atlantic meets the Mediterranean, although looking at the map, I find that rather debatable.

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Tour tips

Day trip to Chefchaouen

If you have a few days in Tangier you might want to consider a day trip to Chefchaouen. The blue city is on many people’s itinerary and from Tangier you can easily visit for a day.

Day trip to Tarifa in Spain

Another great day trip opportunity is to Tarifa in Spain. The ferry only need around an hour and the city is small enough to see eveything in 3-4 hours. Although in my opinion, the best reason to go is the food, so you should think about staying for dinner.

How to get to Tangier

Tangier has an international airport with many connections from Europe. Just catch a taxi to head into the city.

There are also plenty of ferries, e.g. from Tarifa, Gibraltar, Genoa, Barcelona, some of these allow you to bring your car.

From Casablanca, the best option is the fast train to Tangier. From Marrakech and Fes, check for train connections via Casablanca or take a bus, either CTM or Supratours are good options. Read more here for info on public transport options.

Cap Spartel

Where to stay in Tangier

I would definitely recommend staying in the medina, so you can walk anywhere and really absorb the atmosphere. Here is a choice of accommodation in Tangier for all budgets.

Hotels in Tangier

Hostel in Tangier

Tanja Lucia Hostel


Dar Sultan

Dar Sami, Riad Bab Kasbah (great views from rooftop terrace)


Riad Dar Saba

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