Morocco is a big country, with a very diverse geography. So it is hard to say when there is the best weather in Morocco for your visit. It really depends on where you want to go and what you want to do. Generally, you can say that the summers are too hot to enjoy Morocco much. And the middle of winter might be too cold for some to enjoy it much as well.

But, there is always a perfect location for any season in Morocco. You just need to be a bit more flexible with where you will go. But who knows, you might discover something you never expected.

In my opinion, the overall best time to travel to Morocco is in March/April and October/November. It has the best combination of really nice weather in Marrakech and good enough weather in the mountains and the Sahara. So the more you want to see in Morocco, the more important it is to visit during those months.

Winter in Morocco

Weather in Morocco in December and January

The weather in Morocco in December and January is pretty nice, if your standard is the middle European winter. The sky is usually clear and temperature still reach between 15 and 20°C during the day. What makes winter a bit uncomfortable for a trip to Morocco is the temperature at night. It can drop down to less than 5°C and since there is no heating inside, there is nowhere to warm up.

snow in the mountains, weather in Morocco, best time to visit morocco
Snow in the Atlas Mountains

So if your plan is to visit Morocco in December or January, pack accordingly. During the day, a thin long sleeve shirt might be enough, but as soon as the sun sets you will need more layers. I usually add a merino wool shirt, a fleece jacket and a thin down jacket over the course of the evening. Make sure to bring some warm socks or even slippers for the evenings in the hotel.

Best places to visit in Morocco in December or January

The best places to visit in Morocco in December and January depend on your preferences, you can go skiing in the High Atlas, visit the desert, lie on the beach around Dakhla and enjoy the cities without the crowds. December and January are great months to visit Morocco, just dress accordingly.

Weather in Morocco in February and March

If the focus of your trip to Morocco is the desert, then February and March are a great time to visit. The days are warm and the nights not too cold anymore. It’s the best time for desert trekking in Morocco.

The weather in Marrakech in February is also nice, usually a bit warmer than the desert at around 25°C. March will be warmer and can already reach the 30s frequently.

If you are looking for a beach escape from the dreary grey darkness of Northern Europe you should look at places south of Agadir. There it is warm enough all year round, while the weather in Essaouira might be too cold at this time of year.

Best places to visit in Morocco in February and March

In February and March you can visit any place in Morocco. It is still pretty off-season and the cities will be fairly empty. Especially Marrakech and Fes are nice to visit in the early spring. In February you can probably get discounts on most tours and day trips, as it is still off-season.

Another great place to visit this time of year is the Anti-Atlas. The almonds are blooming, if the winter was rather rainy everything will be fresh and green. If you time it right, you can visit the Almond Blossom festival in Tafraoute.

Camel trekking is best done in early spring

And, this is the best time to visit the desert, days are still nice and cool and nights are not freezing anymore. Especially for longer trips into the desert, this is the right season. Be it desert hiking/trekking, a bicycle trip or a 4×4 drive in the dunes of Merzouga, you can’t go wrong with this time of year.

During the first week of March, you can experience the International Nomads Festival in M’Hamid. I tried going once, but there was a bad sandstorm, so I left early.

Check out this itinerary for a week in winter.

Spring in Morocco

Weather in Morocco in April and May

This is when the high season starts, at least with regard to international tourists. You might want to watch out for the Easter holidays, as that is when half of Spain descends on Morocco and things get a bit crowded.

The weather in Morocco in April and May is beautiful, but especially in May it starts to get really hot in Marrakech and south of the Atlas mountains.

April can bring quite a bit of rain into the mountains, so it might not be the best choice for a trekking adventure in the Atlas.

Best places to visit in Morocco in April and May

This might be the best time to hit the coast. Essaouira, Tangier, Tetouan, all are great around this time of year. It starts being warm enough for some swimming but beaches are not crowded yet.

Also, cities like Fes and Meknes are not overcrowded and not too hot yet.

Tetouan is great in spring and early summer

Summer in Morocco

Weather in Morocco in June and July

The weather in June and July differs widely across the country. On the coast you will have pleasant spring temperature while in the desert and around Marrakech temperatures can hit highs above 45°C.

If there is any rain at this time of year, it is usually short showers that dry away quickly.

Best places to visit in Morocco in June and July

I think this is the best time of year to explore the High Atlas Mountains. It will be nice and warm, no snow left, little risk of rain and the city crowds from Marrakech have not escaped into the cooler mountain valleys yet.

The coast will start to get crowded with summer school holidays starting in Morocco and Europe alike.

The mountain valleys offer unique ways to cool down, lunch with your feet in the river

Weather in Morocco in August and September

It will be HOT in August. Honestly, unless you are interested in an all-inclusive hotel stay in Agadir, I would stay away from Morocco in August. The beaches are full with Moroccans, enjoying the fresh breeze and the cities are boiling with heat.

September can be nice, or still a bit hot, it is so hard to tell these days.

Best places to visit in Morocco in August and September

If you want to focus your visit in Morocco on the north part of the country, this might be the perfect time to go. Tangier, Asilah, Tetouan, Chefchaouen are all nice to visit in September. Check out this post for more details.

Chefchaouen is great to visit anytime

Autumn in Morocco

Weather in Morocco in October and November

October has perfect temperatures north of the Atlas, in the desert it can still be pretty hot, especially in early October.

November can be rainy in the mountains and around Fes and there might even be the first snow of the season.

Best places to visit in Morocco in October and November

In my opinion, October is the best time to visit Marrakech. It is still warm, but the city is still relatively empty. But really, just like early spring, the whole country is amazing at this time of year.

November is the perfect time for longer desert treks. It is not too hot during the day and still not too cold at night.

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